Sunday, April 28, 2013

How To Get Out Of $50,000 Debt In A Year

Real Story From Angela and Ted
It is taken 12 months for newlyweds Angela and Ted Jalad to go back to enjoying even the smallest of life’s splurges. Today they celebrate, as the California couple has erased a staggering $50,000 worth of debt in just one year’s time.

“We had just gotten married and we had all these bills. And so I thought to myself this isn’t a good way to start a new life together. And we realized we didn’t want to keep working our butts off just to keep paying off this debt,” says Angela.

Here is the breakdown:
As of January 2012, the couple had two personal loans consisting of consolidated credit card and student loan debt worth $15,000 each, plus a $20,000 car loan for a grand total of $50,000, close to the average annual income in America.

Credit Card = $15000.
Student Loan = $15000.
Car Loan = $20000.
Total = $50000.

They knocked out the first personal loan by allocating their entire $8,000 tax refund toward it, as well as the proceeds from selling Angela’s car ($3,000) and Ted’s luxury watch ($1,000). They also used the $3,000 they had saved since January and, by April 2012, they had deleted a third of their debt.

To pay off the remaining $35,000, they lived on half of Ted’s $6,000 monthly paychecks and put Angela’s entire $1,500 monthly income toward the debt. By August, they had wiped out the second personal loan and the car was finally paid off in December.

A spending allowance for Ted proved essential. He limited himself to just $100 a week in cash for gas, food and incidentals. Gone were their days of eating out. Their grocery list shrank to just 10 basic items they had used for all three meals: eggs, milk, bread, salmon, chicken breast, broccoli, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, berries and oatmeal.

An even greater sacrifice came with the couple’s living arrangement, when they boomeranged back to live at home with Ted’s mom and dad. “We wanted to get our own place, but after we looked into our finances and realizing that we pay $700 to stay here and just to help with the mortgage and the utilities, we can save half or even more than half,” says Angela.

Their work schedules offered the perfect arrangement to save money, as well. With Ted working nights and Angela working days, they were less tempted to go out and spend on dining and entertainment, and managed to get by with just one car. Being homebodies, the couple skipped some vacation opportunities, including Paris and a cruise with family.

Now that their debt is behind them, Ted and Angela can focus on their future. This year it is all about saving. In fact, they have already shored up roughly $10,000. “We don’t want to pressure ourselves to getting a number like [$50,000]. We want to relax a little bit, but we want to be smart about our choices still,” Angela says.

How They Did - In Summary:
1.Tax Refund - Pay Debt Quickly.
2.Sell One Of The Cars.
3.Sell Luxury Watch.
4.Use Short Term Saving.
5.Manage Income Allocation.
6.Control Expenses.
7.Avoid Pay Rental House.
8.Avoid Use More Cars.
9.Focus To Solve Debt.

Yes we can also do that. You must have a strong desire to solve the debt quickly to enjoy life - debtless.

Great Thanks.

Mosha Management.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Spark Real Change In Your Life

Is your life bored? Facing many many problems? Thinking how to solve your problems? It takes just one idea to spark real change in your life. You can do the change immediately if you have the strong desire. Not just a want, but a desire. There are many tips and techniques as below designed to do just that - to spark your life immediately.

1.Set Your Desire
Say to yourself - "I want to change for better". This is the very first step. You must have the desire to change. I can give you many tips and techniques, but if you yourself do not want to, you will never change. Forever.

2. Let Go of the Past
Before you can create a better future, you must let go of the pains in your past. Failing once does not mean you will fail forever. Learn from your history, but do not let it stand as an obstacle between you and your dreams. Do not regret on whatever mistakes or wrong decisions you made in the past. There is no wrong decision in fact. It was the best decision you can made right at that time, right at that moment.

3. Remember Success
Just as important as learning from and overcoming past failure is recalling past success. It does not matter who you are, you have succeeded at something at sometime in your past. Do not gloss over these moments. Use them to remind you that you can in fact achieve your goals.

4.Talk To Your Innerself
You have a very good and close friend where ever you are, who ever you are and what ever happen to you. It is your innerself. Talk to your innerself always, repeatedly. You actually give a strong positive energy and signal to your brain and heart to react for success. But warning! - never talk about negative things!

5. Realize the Possibilities
It is possible. The dreams you hold in your heart but push to the back of your mind are within your reach. Accept the fact that you can create a better life. This will serve as the springboard of belief you need to succeed. It is just a matter of time. It is quick or slow, that is it. Eventually you will achieve your goal.

6. Dream the Big Dream
In order for dreams and desires to inspire you to action and achievement, they need to be big. If you do not get excited about what you have planned for the future, you will never find the inspiration you need to change your life. Powerful dreams can move the soul, and when you dream the big dream, you will be driven to make the compelling picture a tangible reality.

7. Take Action
No matter how bad you want it to happen, change will never result from thinking alone - you must take action. The world is swimming in dreamers, but only those who act on their desires achieve truly remarkable results. Action is key to change - but not just any action. Eating unhealthy foods is action, but it is definitely not the kind of moves you should be making if your goal is to get in shape. The secret is to take intelligent action. Learn how to make the right moves and you'll be on your way to enjoying an amazing quality of life.

8. Make A Daily Habit
Set aside at least 30 minutes each night to review your day and plan for the next. It's a simple way to add an element of control to your life. Also, beginning this habit today will help tremendously when you begin to work toward your exciting and inspiring goals and dreams.

9. Variaty
The wrong routine can spell certain doom for your goals and dreams. To make sure this does not happen to you, add at least one new step to your daily routine to help break up the pattern. One new activity will set the stage for many more in the future, making it possible for you to break free of any negative routines.

10. Create Team
Do not go at this alone. Achieving a goal or dream requires a team effort. There will be times when you feel like giving up, when you feel like it is too much to take. One of the surest ways to overcome these small setbacks is to have the support and guidance of your goal partner. Unless you have a very strong innerself.

11. Get Excited About What Is to Come
You are on your way to getting everything you have ever wanted! Now is the time to get excited and inspired about what your future holds. Imagine living your ideal life - now make it happen!

12. Keep It Simple
It is time to raise your standards - but simple. It means do not show off. Change for better, not change to be arrogant. After all, you would expect nothing less than living the life of your dreams.

13. Accountable - Take Ownership
Before positive changes can take place, you must take responsibility for your position in life. You are in control of your future and are the only one who can guarantee a better life. If you play the role of a victim, giving up control and ownership of your life, you will never enjoy the amazing opportunities that life offers to us all.

14. Write It
A million thoughts may rush through your mind each day, but if you do nothing to capture them, they often disappear as quickly as they came. Take time to write in a journal and review it repeatedly. This will not only help you overcome obstacles you are facing in your life but also help you discover what you really want.When you get an idea for a goal you would like to achieve write it down immediately. The simple act of writing your goals down on a sheet of paper will bring them one step closer to reality. Saying something is one thing, but when you actually see the words written down it becomes a living, breathing thing.

15. Admire
Make a list of at least three people that you admire. With your list in hand describe what it is that you most respect about each individual. Often pinpointing what we admire in others offers insight into what we wish to become ourselves.

16. The Moment
Remember a time when everything seemed to be going just right? When nothing could get you down? When you thought to yourself, 'This moment, right now, is what life is all about.' We all have moments in life when we feel we are at our best, but most people do not utilize them. Use the special moments in your life to bring to light goals and desires that are sure to fulfill your needs. Learning from and building on these times will help you create magic moments on a daily basis for the rest of your life.

17. Brainstorming Session
Gather a group of your closest friends, the ones who know you better than anyone else, and use their knowledge about you and your life to help you brainstorm goal and dream ideas. They will likely offer ideas you never considered yourself. But remember - do not do this so often. Too many inputs may interrupt your goals.

18.What You Do Not Want?
Sometimes the easiest way to uncover what you want is to know exactly what you do not want. It all depends on your particular personality. Some find it very difficult to create specific goals, but these same people have no trouble explaining in detail what they hate. Sometimes working in the opposite direction of what you hate can be the key to discovering your goals and dreams.

19. Impossible to Fail
People are more than capable of creating compelling dreams, but the fear of failure often clouds the path. To avoid this pitfall, imagine that it is impossible to fail. What dreams and desires would you pursue if you were guaranteed success?

20. Imagine Your Ideal Life
Think ahead. Imagine living your ideal life in five years. Then ten and twenty years. What would you be doing? With whom would you be doing it? What would your life look like on a daily basis? Use the picture of a future life to create goals and desires in the present.

21. Get Specific
In order for you to create lasting change in your life, you have to be super specific about what you want. Vague ideas just will not cut it. The more specific you make your desires, the easier it will be to act on them. Cloudy hopes create obstacles. You have to know exactly what you want, down to the smallest detail.

22. Success Stories
The stories of individuals overcoming all odds and achieving their dreams surround you. Seek out and make these stories a part of your life. You are not alone in your search for happiness. Knowing that others have succeeded in the past can be enough to motivate you to succeed in the future. Learning about the lives of the people who achieved the goals you want to achieve is one of the most inspiring techniques available. Find out who had the same aspirations and learn all you can about their inspiring story.

23. Be Patient - Overnight Success Is A Myth
Success takes time. People who believe in the overnight success expect amazing results the minute they start working toward their goal. It is not going to happen. When you know the truth about success you will not become upset when immediate results cannot be seen. It takes time.

24. Measure Your Progress
As you begin putting the pieces of your desire in place, be sure to measure your progress along the way. Doing so will help to keep you motivated to achieve the goal as you see real improvement taking place. You will also be able to recognize troubling areas that need more attention or successful methods that could be spread to others aspects of the goal. To accomplish the task above, charts and checklists are the way to go. Charts are the perfect tool to measure incremental goals such as a savings or investment plan. If your desire is more sequential in nature, simply list the steps in a checklist along with their deadline to keep you right on track from start to finish.

25. Educate YourselfThe more you know, the more you will grow. Information is the greatest resource you have as you work toward creating a better life. Facts help to increase your confidence, break down fear, and inspire you to action. Learn all there is to know about what you want and you will never be without the drive and energy you need to make it happen. Information is a major part of success. To stay motivated to change your life you need a constant flow of new and exciting information flowing into your mind. If possible, subscribe to at least one magazine, newspaper, or newsletter that focuses on the subject of your goal.

26. Reason To ChangeSomeone at sometime throughout history has desired and achieved something. Not only does this prove that your dreams are possible but also that you have what it takes to make them happen. People have done so many things, proving that the essential requirements of creating change are within you. You must know the reasons you want to change. As you begin taking steps toward the things you desire, you will meet with many obstacles along the way that have the potential to knock you off course forever. To ensure this does not happen to you, answer the question: What is in it for me? Knowing exactly why you need the change will serve as a constant source of energy and excitement to keep you going strong in the face of short-term setbacks.

27. Empowering Your ThoughtsThe wrong thoughts played enough times in your mind can sap the strength of anyone's confidence. Become aware of the things you say to yourself. Every time you come to a negative phrase stop yourself, refute the belief with logic, and replace it with a strong and empowering thought.

28. Say, Write and See
For those with phobias simply mentioning their particular fear puts them in a frightened state of mind. They may even exhibit physical signs of fear. The same is true of goals and dreams. Many times the second you say your goal images of failure and fear pop into your head. To fix the problem, consciously say your goal and imagine success again and again until it becomes ingrained in your mind.

29. Ask Question
What is the worst thing that will happen if you give up on your goal? This and other thoughts like them are useful tools. Fear of what could happen if you do not succeed should not be the main reason you work toward your goal, but it is an excellent tool to help you get started.

30. Review and Revise
Take time to really think about what is holding you back from working toward and achieving your goal. Too often people get a 'feeling' and quit on their dreams. You cannot fight or solve a vague feeling, but you can solve a specific problem. That is why it is critical for you to zero in on exactly what is holding you back from success.

31. Share the Excitement
Do not keep your plans for a better future to yourself - share the excitement with those who will not see it as bragging or your ego taking over. This will make the dream more tangible, and include others in the picture who will ask about your progress and keep you heading in the right direction.

32. It Is Now
This is a simple method to adding a powerful boost to your goal- achieving project. People are gifted at the art of rationalization and procrastination. To put a stop to them ask yourself, 'If not now, when?' If you are honest, and I know you will be, you will realize that now is as good a time as any to begin moving toward a better life. Like a NIKE tagline, "Just Do It".

33. Eliminate Your Excuses
Excuses are scapegoats. They cover up the truth so we do not have to face it. You and I both know this is not the way to a happy and successful life. You have to put a stop to excuses once and for all. Every time you catch yourself using an excuse to cover up the truth about why you are not working toward your goal (for example -I don't have the time; I'm too busy), eliminate it immediately. Because it just will kill your dreams. It is no use.

34. Take Calculate Risk
If you are waiting for a guaranteed success, you will be waiting for the rest of your life. Fear is part of the process of success - there is no way around it. You might think that the people you look up to are free of fear as they work toward their dreams you are mistaken. Everyone feels fear when they take a step outside of their comfort zone, the question is whether or not you keep going. You must keep going with calculated risk. Know exactly your risk and do not taking too risky risk.

35. Reminders
Place powerful reminders around your home or office about the goals and desires you are working to achieve. With the hectic pace of life in today's society it's easy to forget about the truly important things. Placing pictures in your home of the ideal body you are dreaming about or the home you wish to build are effective tools to keep you going strong.

36. The First Step
A single step in the right direction is all it takes to put in motion great things. Every written masterpiece begins with a single word on a page. Every long journey begins with a single step. The best first step is know your desire, and instruct your brain to move your body to take action.

37. Think Like A Winner
When success becomes a part of your identity, a part of who you are, you will find getting motivated to do more with your life is an easy task. People stick to what they believe they are. In other words, a quitter will quit before he succeeds; a winner will get exactly what he wants in the end. Think like a winner - become one inside and out until the thought of quitting conflicts so strongly with who you are that you are driven to succeed. You will win it.

38. The Truth About Change
You will fail. Not once, not twice, but many, many times. This is how the game works. Believing that you will be able to achieve a lofty goal or dream without a hitch is like believe you can play perfect golf without a single step on a course. It is not negative, it is reality. And a true success uses this as an advantage. When something does not go according to plan an adjustment is made and the process resumes. A short-term setback will never bring an end to their ambition. Just be carefull with your emotion. Control it. Think like failures is a normal path to succeed. Only try to minimize it.

39. Keep Quiet
Just as important as sharing your goal with those who will offer guidance and support is not sharing your goal with those who will resent your improvement and take a jab at you with every chance they get. Naysayers are killers of the spirit. When it comes to these individuals, keep your goal to yourself.

40. Repeat It
Have you ever watched a movie that really moved you? Read a book that inspired a change in your life? Listened to an audio tape that motivated you to take action? If you are like most people, I am sure you have experienced one or more of these. But do you revisit them on a regular basis? People will find a tool that inspires them only to leave it behind. If something motivates you, use it again and again.

41. Create A Specific Strategy
When you know exactly what you want, you have to know exactly how you are going to get it. Just as a vague idea of what you want will never lead to success, a hazy notion of how you will achieve your dreams will bring about the same fate. Super specific strategies will result in success. Anything less will make improvement difficult, if not impossible, to enjoy.

42. Use a Timeline
Your dreams need a timeline. This includes not only a deadline but also a time to begin. Without a definite timeline, potentially rewarding and fulfilling goals may silently slip away until they become only distant memories. When will you begin working toward your dreams? When will you achieve them?

43. Get Active
An inspired mind is of little use if you lack the physical vitality to execute your plans. Get active and get moving. Whether this means a daily exercise program or simply riding your bike to work, think of as many ways as possible to be active in your daily life.

44. Reward Yourself
Your body cannot perform at its peak levels if you don't give it the time it requires for rest and repair. Four hours of sleep each night will eventually catch up with you. Get the rest you need and you will have no problem working with passion toward your desires. Reward yourself with rest.

45. Motivated Quotations
The written word can be just as powerful as movies. When you come across a quotation that motivates you to achieve your goals, don't let it go! Write them down, save them on your computer, or do whatever works for you to keep them close at hand.

46. Learn From Mistakes
When things do not work out exactly as you had planned (this will happen) do not waste the opportunity to learn something. A short-term failure is a good thing - it teaches you how 'not' to do something, which will bring you closer and closer to the solution you seek.

47. To Give Is To Get
There is no better way to improve your life than to help others do the same. To give is to get, and when it comes to spreading happiness and joy to others, it has never been more true. As your focus turns from yourself to those in need you will find that your own problems seem less important and may even disappear altogether.

48. Stay Focus
You will not always be motivated to succeed. We all have our ups and downs, and expecting anything different will create frustration and anger. We all get upset, encounter setbacks, and have bad days, but here is the secret - you can visit, but just do not live there. Stay focus on your goals you set earlier. This will constantly help you ups back from downs.You may not realize it, but you have already taken a massive step toward success. Simply reading these words demonstrates your desire to enhance the quality of your life. Now that you have taken the first step, keep it going day after day, month after month, year after year. Focus.

49. Be Grateful
Take time out of each day to be grateful for the things you have in your life. Simply being alive and well is an amazing gift - anything more is just icing on the cake. Appreciate what you have and you will discover a renewed passion to achieve the desires you have yet to experience.

50. Enjoy
While you are working your tail off to create a better life for you and your family it is important to enjoy the experience and not just focus on the outcome. It is like taking a road trip through beautiful country with your eyes closed thinking only about the destination. You will miss out half the joy of success if you forget about the experience of it all. Enjoy your actions. Enjoy your goals. Enjoy your life.

You can select few from the listing to design your change structure to spark your life. Remember - change for better. Better life. Better life. Better life.

Great Thanks.
Mosha Management.

Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year: Plan For Better Financial Year

New year has come. It is 2013. Do you achieved your financial goal last year? Have you analyze what went wrong if you did not achieve your financial goal? It is never too late to review back. The best is plan. Plan again. Never stop plan. But do remember plan without execution is nothing. You will just fail. Straight forward. Just like that. You plan, you do not follow, you fail. No argument on that.

Upcoming Expenses
You can plan ahead how much you will spend in 2013. How to do that? It is simple. List down all important expenses that you cannot run away. Example is as below:
1.Car Insurance and Road Tax.
2.Life Insurance Premium.
3.New School Opening Expenses.
4.Hari Raya Expenses.
5.New Born Expenses.
6.Birthday Presents For Children.
7.Anniversary Present.
8.Housing Tax (Cukai Pintu, Cukai Tanah, Indah Water).
9.Bills Expenses.
Check it again whether you missed out anything. You also can check and balance it with your spouse or children or friends-take note:only asking but not to share your details with our friends.

New Year Flow-In Cash
Every year, you will get your bonus. Every year you will expect how much you will earn. But remember to list it down from fix source only. Or at minimum amount of the expected earnings. Otherwise, your plan will be damaged. Same to the expenses, list it down. Example is as below:
1.Yearly bonus.
2.Fix Savings Dividend.
3.Share Dividend.
4.Property Sales Profit.
5.Housing Loan Buffer.

Flash It Clearly
In order to flash it more clearer, and of course to motivate yourself to see how much you will have the buffer (or negative buffer), you must do in detail planning as below. Keep it to yourself. Make it visible to you so that you can see it and never forget. This will also to avoid you to spend unnecessarily to off-focus from creating wealth to adding debt or divert off from spend on NEEDS to spend on WANTS.

Example Of Plan Of Yearly Cash Flow-In vs Cash Flow-Out:

Month       In     Notes     Out          Notes
Jan 13    2000   Bonus    1000    Car Insurance
Feb 13                             200       House Tax
Mar 13
Apr 13
May 13                           2400    Life Insurance
Jun 13
Jul 13     5000  Loan Buffer
Aug 13                           2000        Raya
Sep 13
Oct 13
Nov 13
Dec 13  3000    Bonus    1000      New School
Total      10000               6600
Buffer     3400

From the above table, you can see clearly you actually will be in a POSITIVE cash flow in the coming new year. This is because your expenses is lower than your gain. Plan it, put it in the table, and do not forget to check and balance frequently, every month. Next step is your know that you will have positive buffer to put it extra in savings to gain even more in the next coming year.

Plan precisely and wisely.

Mosha Management

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


With as much honesty and openness as you can muster, answer the following questions...

1. Do you absolutely love what you do for a living?
2. Are you in excellent shape both inside and out?
3. Do you have as much money as you need and want?
4. Are your relationships with friends and family meaningful and rewarding?
5. Are you living each day as the person you'd always hoped you'd become?

My wish is that you were able to answer yes to each question, but it is not always easy to make these things happen, is it? You work hard every day and have the best of intentions, but still you struggle to create the life you really want to live.

Perhaps you can even relate to several of the common problems described below:

1. Heading off to an unchallenging, unfulfilling, and low-paying job without any prospects of a bright and satisfying career in the future.
2. Spending forty hours every week working for someone you don't admire or respect.
3. Feeling unhappy and guilty about the way you look and afraid of the health risks that come with being out of shape.
4. Running out of energy and feeling exhausted even before the day has run out.
5. Wanting to change and live a healthier lifestyle but struggling to make it happen.
6. Living paycheck to paycheck without being able to put money aside for savings, investments, or retirement.
7. Feeling guilty about not being able to provide the nicer things in life for your family, and terrified at the thought of growing old without enough money to get by.
8. Feeling alone and disconnected from others - even in a long-term relationships.
9. Wanting to make new friends and enjoy fulfilling relationships with family and friends but unable to make it happen.
10. Living by routine without any joy or excitement, unable to change negative habits or patterns.
11. Doing the same things day after day and never feeling truly happy or fulfilled.
12. Having to deal with constant worry, stress, and feelings of hopelessness.

While not every scenario hit home, I am sure you have dealt with at least a handful of these feelings in your life. And belive me, you are not alone. Literally millions of people just like you are hoping to live a happier, more successful life, but the sad reality is that most will never find what they are looking for.They will live their entire lives without ever experiencing a rich, lively, exciting, and immensely rewarding life, and it is not through a lack of desire or effort.

If you have not created the life you have always wanted to experience, it is not because you do not work hard or do not deserve it. And it is definitely not because you are simply a bad person.No.

The actual reason you are not getting everything you want in life is because you are missing a single critical skill. Only you know the reason and you can get it by a critical thinking. Think it throughly and you will find the asnwer. You know the best what is best for you. It is vital to think and have a vow to resolve it to enjoy your short life.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Creating Your Belief System

Overview You have heard that old saying "If you put your mind to something, you can achieve it". But the question is how to really put your mind to something so that you do achieve it. Yes, you can achieve anything if you instruct your mind and sub conscious mind properly. But, unfortunately, most of the people just do not know how to instruct their mind and subconscious mind to achieve what they really want. End up, they give up - if they do not have inner strength. Instead, they end up getting their mind and subconscious mind create things they really do not want. If you do not direct your mind and subconscious mind to focus on what you want, you will likely end up getting what you do not want. It is really that simple. For example, you want to be a manager at your organization, but you never act or focus on how to be it. Then it end up with you are still you, at your not-manager position. How can you stop creating what you do not want and get your mind and subconscious mind to actually work for you? Control Your Mind Most people do not control their mind. They do not instruct their subconscious mind because they do not control their thoughts. Most people are not even aware of the thoughts they have everday. And they do not choose their belief. When you do not choose your belief - that something you have to, your thoughts become autopilot. The journey to no-where destination. Instead, your mind constantly sending wrong messages or wrong instructions to your subconscious mind. That is how you end up creating the life you actually do not want. If you want to be successful and happy, do you have thoughts and beliefs that reflect success and happiness? You must actively choose your thoughts. You decide it. You choose it. You make it happen. You control it. You instruct it. You cannot leave your mind on autopilot, accepting whatever thoughts it conjures up and then you begin to believe these thoughts. If you do not choose your beliefs, means you merely accept what your mind and other people tell you. This is not supposed to be. You may want to be successful and happy. You may do everything you can to be successful and happy. But if you not enjoying the success and happiness you want, then take a moment to analyze your thoughts and beliefs. You will find that what you think is the exact opposite of what you want to achieve. Sure you want to be successful but you really do not have any thoughts or beliefs that suggest you can be successful. Whatever you want to achieve you can if you have a belief system that allows you to succeed. If you want to make more money, you must have a belief system that says you believe you can make more money. If you want to meet the right person, you have to believe that you can meet the right person. If you want to succeed at something, you must believe that you can succeed at it. Only you can say this because it is your success. Nobody cares if you do not succeed, but you care. Your Belief System So how do you create beliefs that correspond with what you want to accomplish? First - think about what you want to achieve. Then ask yourself do you really want to achieve it. Do you really want to accomplish your goal? If you do not believe you can achieve your goal, then there is a work to do and you are going to have to change your belief system so that it allows you to succeed. The best is you include in the reason of why you want to achieve that goal, that you yourown set it. In order to change your belief system, you must analyze your thoughts. Then change it quickly. Do this at a constant manner. Set it at weekly basis or even daily basis. You will be crazy if you do this every hour. Second - list all your thoughts and beliefs that you have about achieveing that goal. For example, if you want to make more money, but you are not making the kind of money you want, then list why you do not think you can make more money. Now change those thoughts to correspind with what you want. These are your new thoughts. These are your new statements. These are your new affirmations. These are what you should think and recite through out the day. Everyday. Third - replace your thoughts. Make a very sure you change your thoughts as discussed above. Replace those lomiting thouhgts with those new thoughts. If you want to achieve success and happiness, then you have to create thoughts and beliefs that allow you those goals. Begin changing your thoughts. Begin changing your beliefs. Your thoughts and beliefs will work for you. Eliminate the negative thoughts forever and ever for better life. Start creating the life you want today. -Managing Director- Mosha Management. Creative.Different.Trusted.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Never Borrow To Buy A Depreciating Asset

The late 20th century may have seen one of the greatest economic booms of all time, but that did not stop a lot of people from borrowing themselves into personal bankcruptcy. In fact, over the last 2 years of the century, 1/40 families in the US declared personal bankcruptcy. While many think that most bankcruptcies flow from unemployment or disability, the most common cause is borrowing for the wrong reasons. So let the following be your guide: Never borrow to buy a depreciating asset. In other words, don't borrow for something that is not going to provide you with ever-increasing benefits in later years. That pretty much leaves out most of things that people borrow money for. Most people borrow money to finance either current spending or to buy something that loses value over the years, like, dare I say, a car. I can think of only 3 things that qualify as appreciating assets and are tehrefore worth going into hock for: (1) a home, (2) sensible home improvements, and (3) a college education. Incidentally, I did not mention borrowing to buy stock, although a lot of people seem to think that makes a lot of sense. But borrowing to invest only makes sense if you can be sure that your investments will appreciate in value. And no one can be sure of that. So don't do it. Simple. So next time your investment adviser or broker recommends that you either borrow on margin againts your current investments, or worse, take out home equity loan to invest the money, don't do it. For example, they will try to convince you by saying that investment will earn a profit margin of 15%, and interest rate for borrowing is 8%, and you will gain 7% profit after all. This is too dangerous, same like you are gambling.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are You Trapped In Dilemma To Change Your Life?

Dilemma is an Autopilot. It drives you even you do not want to. An epidemic is occurring all around you, and there is a good chance it has already found its way into your life. It begins slowly at first, nearly imperceptible. But it grows. In time it can take over your entire life.

Are You Trapped in Dilemma?
I have seen it happen too many times, and if you don't act now, it may happen to you. It's easy to fall into the trap. Well-intentioned individuals of all ages don't mean for it to happen, but that doesn't matter. It takes much more than good intentions to steer clear of this problem. If all it took was good intentions the world would be packed with people living their dreams and accomplishing their goals.

But that's not how it works, and this trap is one of the most common reasons why it has happened too often in the past, and will continue to happen in the future. What exactly are we dealing with here? What is so deadly to the goals and hopes you have stored away in your head? It is ROUTINE.

A very unusual experiment was conducted by John Fabre, the French naturalist, consisting of processionary caterpillars, a type of caterpillar that blindly follows the one in front of it. This explains the name processionary caterpillar. The experiment consisted of several of these caterpillars, a flowerpot filled to the rim with dirt, and pine needles. The caterpillars formed a complete circle around the rim of the flowerpot, with the first one touching the back of the last one. The pine needles, the food of the processionary caterpillar, were placed in the center of the circle. The caterpillars began their procession around the flowerpot, one following the other in a circle. This went on hour after hour, day after day, for an entire week. In the end, every one of the caterpillars dropped dead of starvation.

The one thing that could have saved them was only six inches away, but without purposeful thought or action, the caterpillars continued with a habitual routine that eventually proved too much to endure. This is happening to people you know, maybe even you, although not to this degree. Get stuck doing the same old thing every single day and your goals, sitting only inches away, are as good as gone.

Plain and simple. You might think it's a little too simple, but falling into a routine can destroy your life. I have very strong beliefs about this because I have seen it happen to people close to me, as I'm sure you have as well. Good friends and family start off with bright hopes for the future, but their routine begins to take their place. 'No time, no time,' is a common excuse. After seventy years of having no time to do the things you have always wanted to do you'll end up with nothing but a good excuse in the end. This is your life we are talking about here. It's worth taking the time to break the pattern of habit and creating the changes you wish to make. There is little more that is as important as the life you create and the good you leave behind. Recognize if you are in a routine and break free.

Sometimes it's a matter of an attribute we all seek in life - confidence. Permanent change requires courage and a strong belief in your ability to succeed, something that we all doubt from time to time. Learn how to create the confidence you dream about having and practice it in your day life. You can learn how to create confidence through MOSHA MANAGEMENT training class. Read the blog through again and again consistently. You will discover the method, or consult with MOSHA MANAGEMENT directly.

The routines I'm referring to are much deeper than a morning process of a shower and breakfast. I'm talking about turning off your brain and letting autopilot kick in. Doing the same things you did the day before with no plans to change the pattern any time soon. You know the drill - wake up, shower, work, home, sleep, repeat. This is no way to live, and you know that. But it's still hard to break free once the routine has gotten hold of you. All hope is not lost. If you want to turn off the autopilot and start taking control of your life it takes only one moment to make the decision. And then everything changes. The decision is yours. Not your wife. Not your kids. Not your parents. Not your boss. Not your friends. It is truly yours. You realize it, you discover it, you decide it, you change it. And you will become exactly as what you dream of.

You've heard it thousands times, and it is a good thing, because it's true. If you keep doing what you have always done in the past you will keep getting the exact same results. People experience a partial insanity when it comes to routine. Perfectly logical creatures believe that doing the same thing again and again will get different results. That's crazy!Doing the same thing will get the same result. Doing different thing will get different result. It is as simple as that.

Example. If you want to improve your health but continue with the same eating habits, your health won't improve. If you want to have more energy but stay up until four and get up at six, it won't happen.

You have goals, just like everyone else. If you are stuck in a routine you won't accomplish them. Be honest with yourself about this one. It is the only way you'll realize the need for a change before you can enjoy improvement.

What You Have to Do?

What does it take? It takes a DECISION. A choice of what you really want to do with your life and the corresponding actions to make it happen. I want you to create a plan for your future and the goals you want to accomplish. Do it, make it visible to you every single day. Look at it every day. You will get the courage, confidence, and belief.

If you know where you are going and how to get there you will not be disappointed in the end. If you would like to get a head start and learn every step involved in mastering motivation, MOSHA MANAGEMENT may be the solution for you. The training program will guide you step by step from choosing your goals, getting motivated to achieve them, and staying motivated until you get exactly what you want. Thousands of people have already benefited from it. Perhaps it's your turn to make a change and live life at the next level! Contact MOSHA MANAGEMENT for consultations.
The pattern will continue until you do something to change it. That change can happen whenever you are ready; today or twenty years from now. It is up to you. Knowing how exciting life can be when you achieve your goals and dreams, I hope you decide to make the changes now. Don’t waste any more single second to decide it. It is about your. It is about your life. It is about your future.

-Managing Director-

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